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You are going to be very glad you found me very soon. My name is Sandy. I am just about one of the best escorts in Las Vegas. I hate to talk myself up so much, but you have to know how much I dedicate to your satisfaction. I put everything into the Las Vegas escort dates I go on. Every single escort date is different. I don’t think I have ever been on the same type of escort date twice. Men are so different and original. I have never seen two men that liked all the same things. That is probably the most fun part about being a Las Vegas escort. I get to meet so many cool men. All of them are infatuated with me and it makes me feel very good. Will you be infatuated with me tonight? I hope so. All the stuff I have planned for our escort date will be so much fun. We will do whatever you want to do for the night. Whether I lead you or you take the lead; you are going to love our night together, so just call me at 702-478-2001.

I am from a small town, but I have always dreamed bigger. Las Vegas is just about as big as it gets. I feel like I won my own personal lottery. Moving to Las Vegas was the best decision I ever made. It was a bit of a culture shock at first, but I got used to it. It was men like you who really helped me to enjoy all of Las Vegas. I was so naïve when I first started. I kind of needed the men to help show me the ropes. What better way to learn how to please men. I would just ask them and they would tell me. Thanks to this hunger for knowledge, I evolved tremendously. I enjoyed being an escort more and more each time I went. My love for my role as an escort keeps growing every day. Will you be the next man that teaches me how to please them? I have learned a lot now so I will probably have quite a few ideas. Each experience is unique to your tastes. What will our escort date be like? It’s up to you.

Words can’t describe all the fun we can have on our Las Vegas escort date. The best I can do is telling you one possible thing I can do for you. If I describe it in enough detail, maybe you can imagine what it is really like. I like to wear uniforms when I am an escort. I like to put myself into another character. The fantasy part of it is what I like the most. I come from a small town so I like to do the farmer’s daughter act. I have these short cut-off jean shorts and a flannel that I tie up under my boobs. I act like you are waiting in the barn and I sneak out to be with you. We have to satisfy our passion before we are caught. I hop over to you so innocent and naïve. We both get caught up in the fantasy and have so much fun. What types of outfits turn you on? I can give you some options if you call. No matter how I dress for your fetish; I get it right every time.

I usually get a lot of things right when I go on a Las Vegas escort date. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how much I know about Las Vegas. I used to think Las Vegas was a huge city. The more I spent time here, it seemed to get smaller. Once I got to know the city well, it seemed to lay out before me. Being a Las Vegas escort was the perfect way for me to expand my knowledge. I am constantly learning and adapting to different aspects of Las Vegas. I know I will be able to show you a side of Las Vegas that appeals to you. I care a lot about you having a good time. I want to keep you happy the whole night. We will start out on the streets of Las Vegas if you want. Then we will take our party to a more private place. There is so much I can show you that only your eyes can see. After a night of partying in Las Vegas, your night of pleasure kicks into high gear.

The next, more intense part of our Las Vegas escort date happens after the partying is over. Your room is where I would wear my uniform like I described. I have other uniforms as well if there is something else you had in mind. Another skill I didn’t mention is erotic massage. That is one of the first things I learned. Another escort taught me how and I ended up being better than her. My hands are strong and I can really get in there to help you feel totally relaxed. Once you are completely relaxed, we can start testing out all my other Las Vegas escort skills. Stripping, lap dancing, toys, couples, lesbian shows, lingerie shows and so on. We will never run out of sexy and fun things to do in your room. This will be the part of our escort date you will remember the most. I want to make sure to get it right every time. There has never been one person to walk away from an escort date with me disappointed. I may show you various degrees of pleasure, but I never disappoint.

You never have to worry whether you chose a quality escort with me. I show you that I have quality services from the moment you call. I always make an effort to put you at ease. I want you to know that you can trust me with your Las Vegas trip. You entrust me with enhancing your good time. You trust me to be by your side for any event you need to attend. You trust me to give you a dream date that you will never forget. You will get all of this by calling me to be your escort. Why are you not on the phone yet? I want to talk to you about how we are going to make your Las Vegas trip amazing.

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