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Hi! It is so nice to see you on my page. My name is Sandy. I am a good girl who loves to be bad. That’s why I am such a great Las Vegas escorts girl. I love to be proper and classy, but I also love to be risqué and naughty. Being a Las Vegas escort allows me to be both. I get to enjoy all the things I like to do the most. My favorite thing has to be going out with men. I love everything about men. They turn me on so much with all of their manly ways. I love nerdy guys with glasses. I love jocks with big muscles. I love older men who have class and know how to treat a lady. I love all of you. You are all so interesting. You make my job as a Las Vegas escort so much fun. You will see how much fun I have on our escort date. We might even have a little competition about which one of us are having the most fun. I love what I do and my skills help me win the challenge every time.

I may seem completely at ease on the streets of Las Vegas, but I wasn’t always this way. I used to be so wide-eyed and naïve when I first moved here. I came from my small town and nothing seemed right at first. I stayed strong and stuck it out. What I realized that it was just the culture shock. Once I calmed down and got to know Las Vegas, things got better. I took a big chance by becoming a Las Vegas escort. They chose me because of my pretty face and killer body. It’s a good thing because I was completely green. A couple other escorts showed me how things worked. Before I knew it; I had surpassed them in popularity. The ones who taught me were now asking me how I got so good. I guess I just took what they taught me and ran with it. Guys like you help me get better at being an escort every time I go out. You are lucky. You get to have me as an escort and I am already highly skilled.

One of the first escort skills I learned was how to massage a man. Men have big, strong bodies and you have to work them just right. There was another escort I met who was very good at it. She taught me how to do it and I had a knack for it right away. She got jealous when it became one of my popular services. I started getting more requests than her to use my massage skills. I can massage you like you have never been massaged before. My small hands work your flesh until you feel like you are on a cloud. My favorite part of the massage is when I get nude. I can’t help it, it just happens. I touch you all over like that and it makes me want to get nude. I’m sure you won’t mind. You have a whole night of pleasures waiting for you. All you have to do is call. I would love to hear from you. I want to show you how amazing my massage is. We can try a lot more of my talents after your massage.

We have the whole night to party before we settle in. I have so much of Las Vegas to show you. Don’t get me wrong. I am just fine with hanging out in your room all night. The choice is yours if you want a prelude to our intimacy. The streets of Las Vegas are just about the best prelude there is. We can go to a show, a concert, a casino, bars, clubs and everywhere else in Las Vegas. No one could visit all of them in one night. That’s why I will have some choices reserved just for you. You may be surprised at how well I know your ultimate Las Vegas hotspots. You will think I am inside your head. In a way, I am inside your head. I try to get to the center of what turns you on right away. XS Nightclub, Hyde, Hakkasan, Tao and Drai’s are just a few clubs off the top of my head. Any one of them could end up being your spot. I am the Las Vegas escort who gives you all the choices you need.

You will be able to take full advantage of my talents the entire night. Our time alone together will be the best treat of all. The amazing massage I described can be just a prelude to your night of bliss. I am also very good at teasing you with uniforms. I am from a small town so I do the small town girl act very well. I will act like I’m an innocent farm girl who is corrupted by the city man. Would you like to corrupt me tonight? I might end up being the one to corrupt you. Your sinful pleasures will be taken to levels beyond your belief. I’ll start out with a strip dance. Then I will climb on top of you for a lap dance. I can use toys, give you a lingerie show or any number of escort services. Call me now so we can figure out which of my skills you want to enjoy first.

Call me. I know you will be happy that you decided to take the leap. My number is 702-478-2001. Don’t feel intimidated when I flirt with you so much. That’s just how I am. It is genuine affection that I have for my Las Vegas escort clients. I want you to feel free to be yourself. Open up to me about what gives you the most pleasure. I will take that information to make your Las Vegas trip exceed your most optimistic expectation. You can probably have a good time without me in Las Vegas, but why would you want to. Why settle for a nice Las Vegas trip when you have the chance to make it amazing. Call me now. I want to make your trip the most amazing Vegas trip you ever had.

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